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“Cleo, you're all I've got,” Deuce started singing to his girlfriend, "Don't you leave me standing here, yeah...'Cause I'll give you my life…Yes, I would...
If you would let me try to love you forever, oohhh baby.”

She curled up closer to him and rested her head in the crook of his neck, “Deuce?”

“What babe?” He stopped singing.

“Why don’t you play nice, peaceful songs like this with the rest of ‘The Mayhem’, hm?” She closed her eyes and snuggled closer to him.

“It’s not really our style,” He started to explain what his band’s style was only to find that Cleo was now fast asleep.

But, with the day she’d had, he couldn’t blame her.

One minute, Cleo was in her father’s good graces and the next, Nefera came home with bad news; something about having flunked out of a Monster College class here or there, or, maybe it was that she crashed another car. But, whatever it had been, because Cleo’s father was so busy being mad at Nefera, Cleo felt this wrath as well and having had enough of the aftermath of her father’s anger, she came running to Deuce’s place.

They had a nice lunch, watched a few movies and, while Cleo insisted that she was fine, that she didn’t need rest, once Deuce started singing to her, specifically the Justin Timberbite song she’d requested, she was finally lulled to sleep. She had to be heading home soon but, even an hour or so for a nap was better than nothing.


“Deuce,” Cleo shook him as she scrambled to find her sweater.

She hadn’t worn it here for no reason, she knew that despite the nice summer day, the air at night was going to be cold.

“What time is it?” Deuce stirred awake.

“Time I got going,” She sounded rather proud of her little quip and, when even the flashlight on her iCoffin wasn’t helping, she simply grabbed Deuce’s variety jacket off of the couch they’d been cuddling on put it on instead of her sweater.

“Seeya,” Deuce kissed her good-bye, “We still on for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Of course!” With that, she bolted out his garage and had to get back home.


Sneaking back into her house hadn’t proven difficult at all, what with both of Cleo’s father having gone to bed and Nefera’s car was gone so, she was probably out clubbing somewhere or doing Ra knows what…Either way, not her problem. She got back in the house unnoticed and that was what mattered.

Cleo decided to just wear a stripped down version of her outfit to bed when, her iCoffin went off a few times. She checked her Critter feed to see several desperate creeps from none other than Catty Noir.

In desperate need of opening act… #Leaving4Londoomsoon

Can’t get @RealCastaFierce :( #sheistouringinHexico #missher

Creep me band suggestions; direct creep me if needed

Not letting this chance go, Cleo knew she had to make her move. Deuce’s band might not be guaranteed the spot opening for Catty but, if anything, at least this would get them noticed. Now, to really make a statement, Cleo had to plan carefully but, she was rather confident in her abilities to do that.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Monsters and Mayhem,” Deuce laughed a little as he spoke into his mic and had his bandmates laughing as well.

“Who’re you talking to?” Claws asked as he picked up his drumsticks.

Deuce shrugged, “Just playing around.”

“Well, quit playing around,” Heath played a quick riff on his guitar, “I wrote a new song and it’s HOT!”

Heath’s hair sparked up, “Y’know, it just needs like, words but, the guitar solo I wrote for myself, y’know, that’s what makes it hot…”

He let his voice trail off before deciding to laugh instead and, then the bandmates had a larger laugh together. Their laughing fit was cut short by the dinging of an iCoffin.

“Sorry fellas,” Gil had his bass guitar strapped on but, he adjusted it so that the guitar strap now held the bass behind him so he could send Lagoona a quick text.

Once that was settled, he made sure to also put his iCoffin on silent and, now they were all set to begin practice.

“Alright, Mayhem, we all set?” Deuce asked, wanting to make sure that everyone was ready to just get on with band practice already.

After a unanimous vote of ‘ready’, Deuce turned to Clawd to count them, “Clawd, if you’d be so kind.”

“You got it, bro. And on the one, two…” Clawd hit his drum sticks together and was prepped to take it away on those drums…

Of course, that was before yet another interruption.

“Decue!” Cleo was knocking on the garage door,  “I came for my sweater, I realized I left it on the couch. Please open up?”

In the midst of a large communal sigh by his bandmates, Deuce opened the garage door for Cleo to grab her sweater. She had Deuce’s varsity jacket under her arm and went and swapped it for her sweater on the couch. She dropped her wristlet and bumped the side table where Deuce kept the garage key but, she seemed alright, even if she was acting a little strange.

“I got it, thanks. See you for dinner,” She rushed out before Deuce could respond properly.

“We can all go home and love on our ghouls after practice,” Clawd spoke again.

“Hey!” Heath didn’t have a ghoul at the moment.

“Sorry, Heath…you know what I meant,” The werewolf behind the drums shrugged apologetically.

“Don’t sweat it, can we just get to making a musical blaze?” Heath got excited again and his hair sparked up to a lesser degree that before however.

“I’m with them, are we ready to go, Deuce?” Gil questioned, he was sick of all of the interruptions, at this point, everyone in the room was.

“No more delays,” Deuce got back in front of his microphone, “We are Mansters and Mayhem! Now, Clawd, if you could count us off.”

This time, Clawd’s count wasn’t interrupted and, he then began to hit his kick drum, getting the beat thumping. Heath and Gil came in just hairs shy of each other, you couldn’t very well have guitar without bass and bass without guitar well, at least not in this case. The three of them filled in the beat for the right amount of counts and now, it was up to Deuce to sing and keep in time, to get through the song.

"Don't ask much anymore, I found a way to get what I do safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
see a different side of me,” Deuce was already really getting into this one, "'cause you’re so — oh, contagious and I can't seem to get...What's mine, mine, mine, mine. I never meant to fade and it's all that I had…Oh, I couldn't break through we’re too far out of reach but not too far awaaaaay…”

With Deuce taking that line to showcase his range, it was also Heath’s time to rip on his guitar. Sure, Deuce could hold a note but, if he needed to take a breath, Heath ramping up his playing would give him the chance to do so. This was second nature now, they’re practiced it enough times now.

It was onto the next line and Gil and Clawd then played harder as the lyrics intensified, Heath having been their lead into that either way.

“What you do tomorrow will be forgotten someday, don’t be afraid! What you do, what you need to do, with your head down, I'll be there each time.
You're never gonna have to wait, wait…Wait, slow down you say, Why does it always to be this way? I'm right here, don’t fear, holding onto your heart it’s ours. Too wrapped up in all of me, to realize that you patch up any wounds that I have made, whoooaa! You’re mine, mine, mine…’Bout time I realiiize I can't live without you. So, take my hand, you and me, we’ll run towards that setting sun…Here, I finally see, all I needed was you here, right next to me. You’re my everything and you’re mine, mine, mine….oh, yeeeeah!” Deuce finished the song triumphantly and was still a little in his own head before a certain voice snapped him out of it.

“You guys rock! I think i’ve found my opening act,” It was none other than Catty Noir.

“Catty Noir?” Heath’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Wait, how did you…” Deuce looked up to see Cleo standing next to Catty and, she was holding Deuce’s garage key, “Never mind…”

“Here’s your key back,” Cleo walked over and handed the key to her boyfriend.

Deuce accepted his garage key back, “What was Catty saying about an opening act?”

All members of The Mayhem looked over at Catty and waited for her to elaborate.

She giggled, “Guess you guys don’t check Critter very often. Anyway, I’m glad I got to be a normal ghoul but, that doesn’t mean I don’t still love music and, I signed on for a couple concerts in Londoom, maybe it will end up being a small tour, we might end up hitting Scaris and Barcelona, who knows?But, for now I need to find an opening act and, I think you guys would be perfect for the job, if you’ll take it.”

Deuce was glad he had to wear his sunglasses all the time because if not, his bandmates, Cleo and Catty would have seen the look in his eyes which was somewhere between nervous, excited, and ready to pass out. However, knowing that this was a decision that he and his bandmates, who were his friends first and foremost, needed to make together, he turned to face them.

“Are we in or are we out?” Deuce asked in this way to make it clear that it was all for one and one for all.

“Let’s do it!” Claws exclaimed.

“I am so in. We were hot before, we’re gonna be even hotter now!" Heath’s eyes lit up quite literally and he held little fire sparks in his hands which he had to put out quickly because, if he hadn’t, he’d risk burning his guitar for the fourth time this week.

Gil nodded, “Let’s go for it.”

Deuce smiled and turned back to face Catty and Cleo. He stepped away from his mic and walked over to Catty, offering her a hand, “Catty, you’ve got yourself Mansters and Mayhem as your opening act.”

The other plus side to this, was that this would get the band some exposure. Their was no telling if a crowd, let alone a foreign crowd would like them but, music did seem to be a universal language what with Catty having fans internationally so, maybe, just maybe.

It was all worth a shot, right?
Mansters and Mayhem-Ch. 1
Summary: Deuce has a band and, while they've been playing music for fun, after Cleo makes sure that Catty Noir hears them and the superstitious songstress decides to bring the boys along on a small tour, there's no telling what will happen. It's appropriate that the boys calls themselves 'Mansters and Mayhem'. 

This little ficlet was inspired by the lovely piece of art that is also the preview image by CicisArtandStuff 
(and yes, she gave me permission to use it; we've been noting about this little gem for a day or 2 now, she's on board with me) 

And, here's the beginning of what I hope will become an interesting series of events; also, Gil is a quiet dude, I hope I didn't make him too quiet :p Either way, I had a lot of fun driving Heath's fire power into the ground; he's just so excitable and, I figure he was in a bit of a hyper mood so, that's how I justify that xD 

If you're confused, Cleo swiped the key to Deuce's garage to bring Catty with her so that she would hear them; they didn't come in before the band finished their song as not to distract them. 

Anyway, hope you liked it. 

MH belongs to Mattel 

Preview pic belongs to CicisArtandStuff 

Ch. 1: here
Ch. 2: Coming soon

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 5:36 PM

I was tagged by :icontmntislove:
1. Do you like TMNT? 
Love it ^^ 

2. Vampires or Werewolves?

I’m gonna say neither, demons >D 

3. Have you ever seen a strange creature in the woods?
Nope, I don’t do nature :P 

4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Superspeed like The Flash 

5. If you were stranded on an island for 6 months with one cartoon/anime character that you absolutely love, who would you want it to be?
I would say Raphael from TMNT ‘cause he knows how to survive in the wild (based on the trapped in time ep from the 2k3 series) and, we’d get along great plus, eventually, Renet or April would come get us xD

6. Do you believe in aliens?

7. If you could hack a popular news station and broadcast a message to the entire world, what would you say?
I’d tell them to let everyone have the right to be miserable (i.e. get married)

8. If you could bring back one person from the dead, who would it be?
Biggie Smallz

9. If Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj were trapped in a burning building and you had time to save one of them, what kind of sandwich would you make? 
First off, I hate Beiber and I’d let him burn and make a smoked salmon cream cheese sandwich. However, I love Nicki Minaj, she will never be Lil Kim who is The Queen of New York but, listen to Nicki’s early mix tapes; she has flow and her rhymes make sense plus, if you look back into her history, a lot of her verses have a large connection and, it’s really awesome. 

10. What do you think happens to us after we die? 

I don’t know… 

My 10 questions: 

  1. Are you a Monster High fan?
  2. Have you ever watched Parks and Recreation? 
  3. Do you collect something odd? 
  4. Fuzzy socks or ankle socks that aren’t fuzzy? 
  5. In your opinion, is chocolate and peanut butter an awesome combo or nah?
  6. Who is your favorite non-animated fictional character and why? 
  7. Do you like Aziz Ansari? (if you answer yes, let’s be best friends!!!) 
  8. Are you an Ever After High fan? 
  9. What is the latest that you have ever stayed up? 
  10. Your drink of choice would be, what? 

  • Mood: Zeal


Ever After High Fan fictions
Ever After High-Didn't We Almost Have It All-1“It's not weird, you do it once and then that's all you ever think about,” Cerise offered.
“It can't be,” Raven was blushing and she wished she had a hood to hide underneath right about now.
“It is, well sort of. I mean, we still do other things too. But if you asked both of us what we'd drop everything to do...” Cerise's voice trailed off.
“But, that's it though? You just do that more?”
Cerise nodded, “Exactly. The feelings between you two get stronger and you never look back. If you want an easy movie night in, you can have it just like before.”
Raven sighed in relief. She thought she was going crazy before having talked to Cerise. Today was the first day of classes back at Ever After High and over the past two nights, everyone had moved back into their dorms.
Of course, last night, Hunter wasn't back yet which meant Dexter was all alone in his room. Raven went to see Dexter with the intention of helping him unpack and they

I am offering Ever After High Fan fiction commissions and I'm offering them for what I consider pretty cheap because of how much I love the series and how quickly I can usually hammer out a fic if I'm really focused. 

I will do ANY pairing, that's right, any. Slash, fem slash, hetero pairs, your choice.  

I will write about all canons, again, your choice. 

No OCs but, that's because I'm not comfortable writing them. However, let's say you want me to write your chosen pair having a baby, I'll do that but leave it at basically baby's born, that's that. 

Please, feel free to note me with questions, again, I am open to most everything.
TMNT Fanfic Commissions

I am offering commissions of TMNT fanfics, however, I will only do all canon fics; I will not write other people's OCs.

 I am very capable of writing TCest (light or heavy), and will do most canon pairings but, I will not do any Leo/Karai and I will not write Venus De Milo.

One-shots start at 100, but if you want a multi-chap thing, we can talk price.


United States
I'm a 90s baby trapped in the body of an 80s lady! :giggle:

anyways...yeah xD

I like lots of stuff and am very friendly :D

Favourite genre of music: rap
MP3 player of choice: Zune HD
Shell of choice: Donatello's
Favourite cartoon character: Jem aka Jerrica Benton
Personal Quote: "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." ~Marilyn Monroe.

Comment Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Inky's Army member stamp by Culinary-Alchemist
I draw what I want stamp by izka197 Jem and the holograms stamp by chat-noirJersey Shore MTV Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman
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TMNT Ninja Turtle Logo Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Unofficial Leader Stamp by Brinatello Turtle Genius Stamp by Brinatello Party Dude Stamp by Brinatello Bad Ass Stamp by Brinatello Leonardo Stamp by Miha85 Raph Puppet stamp by KeyshaKitty Leonardo Stamp by Rika24 Donatello Stamp by Rika24 Michelangelo Stamp by Rika24 Raphael Stamp by Rika24 TMNT-Official TMNT Fanfic Author Stamp by FlashyFashionFraud TMNT-Official TMNT Fan Artist Stamp by FlashyFashionFraud



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