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Death by TrulyOutrageousJem
Theme 67 of 100: Death

I decided not to shade this; I liked all the textures as is x) I decided to draw Mikey kind of like a sugar skull for the lolz. Anyway, coloring took forever because I was trying to many different techniques with his eyes and eventually settled on empty sockets (he would probably have in some funky contacts, his sockets aren't actually empty xD) and, I figured my OC Carmen probably painted him up like this cuz she got bored and well, you know Mikey would be totally up for it x) 

Enjoy :3 

TMNT belongs to Viacom
100 Theme list I'm using belongs to Sora-Horsey 

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Sometimes I head down to the stream. The one that surrounds our uh, place. I should probably call it ‘the palace’ and not just our place but, I still feel weird calling it that. Shell, I even feel weird calling it the castle or the house.


Like I was sayin’, sometimes I head down to the stream that surrounds where we live. We is me, Shea, Leo and Renet. That’s it, just the four of us.

I pick up a stone by the edge of the stream, I wind up like I’m about to pitch a curveball a little too hard and chuck the damn thing. Picking up stone after stone, I been paying more attention to ‘em. But, on the other hand I think I’m just goin’ crazy.

It’s gotta be the guilt.

What guilt? That’s easy: The guilt that we escaped New York as it fell ta pieces and both our younger brothers and their girls got wasted in one of the most lethal explosions I ever laid eyes on.

I still get tears in my eyes thinkin’ about it especially since Shea was wounded pretty bad and was dying at the time but, we got here ta The 79th Level of Null Time soon enough and once Shea got healed, she managed ta pull through.

We’re pretty high up in the ranks of power here. And if that ain’t enough, Leo and me can go wherever we want without worrying. We’re free ta roam about and it’s nice but…Really? We got rewarded for running away like we did?

“Renet and I were only following orders, Raph! Lord Simultaneous said you and Leo were not to die so what the fuck else were we s’posed ta do? Defy our Master? ‘Cause if ya’ wanna get into defying Masters, let’s bring up the time y’all defied Master Splinter’s wishes and went ta go face Karai and then she wasted him!” Shea yelled that at me once she woke up after being healed.

I mean, I guess I deserved that. It wasn’t just me, though. It was me, Mikey and Don. The three of us really pushed Leo ta go against what Sensei wanted and we all paid for it.

I just finished off a beer, some Japanese shit Shea and Renet decided ta have delivered a couple hours ago. And, all because it’s blue just for Leo. Shea said she’s tryin’ ta find me a red beer but, she doesn’t really hafta.

Now here I am once again: Outside down by the stream. I’ve just lit a cigarette and now I’m kneeling down to pick up a handful of these little stones on the ground.

I’m about convinced that these rocks ain’t nothing like the ones we had back home.
Rocks Aren't The Same
Theme 24 of 100: Rocks Aren't The Same

I took this one a bit literally and being one of my written pieces for my 100 Themes challenge, it's in Raph's POV xD (many of the written piece for this have been); I'm doing some pics and writing some fics; I'll be going back to school in another week so, I'm gonna post and then my posts will probably be limited to when I've got free time but, this is helping me have fun :D 

Enjoy and I apologize for Raph's potty mouth and the direction I took. 

TMNT belongs to Viacom
100 Themes List I've been using is by Sora-Horsey 
Shea is my OC 
Toys by TrulyOutrageousJem
Theme 62 of 100: Toys

I drew Little Raph after a long round of playing with his toys x) He got all tuckered out and decided to nap on his big sleepy dinosaur :3 Lined and colored in FireAlpaca save for the crayon line on the drawing; it was done in the program My Paint Brush Pro. And if you'll notice, the little dinosaur on the pile of legos and such there is from the pic I did for the theme Notes x) 

TMNT belongs to Viacom
100 Themes List I'm usng is by  Sora-Horsey 
Notes by TrulyOutrageousJem
Theme 30 of 100: Notes

Lined and colored in Fire Alpaca, the writing on Don and Raph's notes was done in a program called My Paintbrush Pro. 

And, I have decided that that lil dinosaur will be Raph's favorite toy :D Anyway, Raph had not yet finished playing (he may have gone to get a juice box or a snack) and he left this note to which Donatello was kind enough to respond :giggle: 

TMNT belongs to Viacom
But, I Didn't Do It by TrulyOutrageousJem
But, I Didn't Do It
Theme 53 of 100: But, I DIDN'T Do It

Here is Mikey with my OC Jenny (who is in my Wicked Games fic which is now exclusively on AO3 b/c the content got real dirty real fast) and, here was a problem with a jar of glitter. While Jenny warned Mikey that it was stuck and not to open it: that happened : lmao: That being the glitter from the jar spilled all over Mikey; Jenny is blushing and sweat dropping lol

TMNT belongs to Viacom
Jenny belongs to me 
100 Themes I'm using are by Sora-Horsey 

Back at School, catch y'all later!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 7:27 PM
Hi all!!!

I'm back at school (college for some, university for others), and, I really doubt I'll be on much if at all in the next couple months/weeks. 

Anyway, hope everything is chill with you all.

I might be able to participate in TMNT Secret Santa but, we'll see :D 

Hope you're all well! 

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Ever After High Fan fictions
Ever After High-Didn't We Almost Have It All-1“It's not weird, you do it once and then that's all you ever think about,” Cerise offered.
“It can't be,” Raven was blushing and she wished she had a hood to hide underneath right about now.
“It is, well sort of. I mean, we still do other things too. But if you asked both of us what we'd drop everything to do...” Cerise's voice trailed off.
“But, that's it though? You just do that more?”
Cerise nodded, “Exactly. The feelings between you two get stronger and you never look back. If you want an easy movie night in, you can have it just like before.”
Raven sighed in relief. She thought she was going crazy before having talked to Cerise. Today was the first day of classes back at Ever After High and over the past two nights, everyone had moved back into their dorms.
Of course, last night, Hunter wasn't back yet which meant Dexter was all alone in his room. Raven went to see Dexter with the intention of helping him unpack and they

I am offering Ever After High Fan fiction commissions and I'm offering them for what I consider pretty cheap because of how much I love the series and how quickly I can usually hammer out a fic if I'm really focused. 

I will do ANY pairing, that's right, any. Slash, fem slash, hetero pairs, your choice.  

I will write about all canons, again, your choice. 

No OCs but, that's because I'm not comfortable writing them. However, let's say you want me to write your chosen pair having a baby, I'll do that but leave it at basically baby's born, that's that. 

Please, feel free to note me with questions, again, I am open to most everything.
TMNT Fanfic Commissions
Untitled by

I am offering commissions of TMNT fanfics, however, I will only do all canon fics; I will not write other people's OCs.

 I am very capable of writing TCest (light or heavy), and will do most canon pairings but, I will not do any Leo/Karai and I will not write Venus De Milo.

One-shots start at 100, but if you want a multi-chap thing, we can talk price.


United States
I'm a 90s baby who loves the 80s! :giggle:

anyways...yeah xD

I like lots of stuff and am very friendly :D

Favourite genre of music: rap
MP3 player of choice: Zune HD
Shell of choice: Donatello's
Favourite cartoon character: Jem aka Jerrica Benton
Personal Quote: "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." ~Marilyn Monroe.

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