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Stole a tag from :iconnalamarietotallyrock: 

And now here’s 10 facts about moi: 

  1. I often refer to myself as moi which is French and I do this as a sort of homage to Miss Piggy. 
  2. English is not my first language, it was Spanish. 
  3. In fact, I am able to communicate much better in Spanish than in English.
  4. I have black-brown hair and it’s in a pixie cut. 
  5. I cosplay a little bit but, I don’t sew and or make my own costumes. 
  6. I really want to cosplay a Fem!Castiel but can’t find a decently priced trench coat.
  7. My nails are painted red and need a re-paint. 
  8. I love doing make-up.
  9. Writing is a favorite activity of mine but, I’m notorious for abandoning my started fanfics…
  10. I sleep with a stuffed Rowlf The Dog plush.

Now to answer the questions: 

1. What is one fandom that you hate?

Can’t really say I hate them but, I don’t like that some people who I personally know and are Teen Wolf fans try and shove it down my throat at every corner. 

2. What is one fandom that you love?

Just one? Well, I really love my newest fandom which is Supernatural because even if we don’t all agree on ships or whatever, we can all still get along and reblog posts about the Mystery Spot on Tuesdays whilst on Tumblr ‘cause that’s kind of our thing. 

3. Do you like Supernatural?

Like it??? Uh, I love it and I am never going back. I used to hate on it without good reason (and just to poke fun at one of my besties) but, boy…Did I eat my friggin’ words!!!! It is amazing, the characters are so deep, the acting is lovely, and just all of it: YES!

4. Would you ever jump out of a plane? (With a parachute of course.)

No because statistics show that the odds of a parachute not opening are 1 out 11 and I don’t like those odds.

5. Do you know what G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. stands for without looking it up?

I do not :( But, I know that’s Misha Collins’ website and it’s awesome and you should go play the mad lib game on it XD And you’ll get this e-mail and such x) 

6. Like tacos?

Love ‘em! Especially the ones my abuela makes :D 

7. Are we friends?

I would like to think so :) 

8. Crabstickz or KickthePJ (If you don't know them, look them up!)

I shall look them up! And after looking them both up, I would have to say KickthePJ.

9. What is something you despise?

Orange colored fabric and now, I don’t mean like sunny orange. I mean, bleak and dark orange and just….ugh….I don’t like that color orange; it just makes me sad :( 

10. Dean or Sam?

I love them both but, I’ve been a Dean Girl since I watched the pilot episode :iconohyoudeanplz: 

Oh crap! Now I have to give 10 questions....okay, try these on for size: 

1. Do you like to drink soda?
2. What's your favorite color? 
3. Favorite Ninja Turtle? 
4. Fictional or not, who would you want to have by your side while fighting the Zombie Apocalypse?  
5. Do you enjoy eggs? 
6. Television or internet? 
7. What is your view on tattoos? 
8. Any secret talents? 
9. What is your most hated pizza topping? 
10. Any siblings? 

Anyone who wants to may steal this tag. 
  • Mood: Content


Ever After High Fan fictions
Ever After High-Didn't We Almost Have It All-1“It's not weird, you do it once and then that's all you ever think about,” Cerise offered.
“It can't be,” Raven was blushing and she wished she had a hood to hide underneath right about now.
“It is, well sort of. I mean, we still do other things too. But if you asked both of us what we'd drop everything to do...” Cerise's voice trailed off.
“But, that's it though? You just do that more?”
Cerise nodded, “Exactly. The feelings between you two get stronger and you never look back. If you want an easy movie night in, you can have it just like before.”
Raven sighed in relief. She thought she was going crazy before having talked to Cerise. Today was the first day of classes back at Ever After High and over the past two nights, everyone had moved back into their dorms.
Of course, last night, Hunter wasn't back yet which meant Dexter was all alone in his room. Raven went to see Dexter with the intention of helping him unpack and they

I am offering Ever After High Fan fiction commissions and I'm offering them for what I consider pretty cheap because of how much I love the series and how quickly I can usually hammer out a fic if I'm really focused. 

I will do ANY pairing, that's right, any. Slash, fem slash, hetero pairs, your choice.  

I will write about all canons, again, your choice. 

No OCs but, that's because I'm not comfortable writing them. However, let's say you want me to write your chosen pair having a baby, I'll do that but leave it at basically baby's born, that's that. 

Please, feel free to note me with questions, again, I am open to most everything.
TMNT Fanfic Commissions

I am offering commissions of TMNT fanfics, however, I will only do all canon fics; I will not write other people's OCs.

 I am very capable of writing TCest (light or heavy), and will do most canon pairings but, I will not do any Leo/Karai and I will not write Venus De Milo.

One-shots start at 100, but if you want a multi-chap thing, we can talk price.


United States
I'm a 90s baby trapped in the body of an 80s lady! :giggle:

anyways...yeah xD

I like lots of stuff and am very friendly :D

Favourite genre of music: rap
MP3 player of choice: Zune HD
Shell of choice: Donatello's
Favourite cartoon character: Jem aka Jerrica Benton
Personal Quote: "I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." ~Marilyn Monroe.

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