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January 11


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“Raven,” Maddie knocked on the door, “C'mon, Raven, we’re starting.”

There was no response from her best friend. But, just then, Maddie heard piano music. She knew that melody rather well. It was something that Raven had been working on for a while, she had been working on in fact, since before her engagement to Dexter.

It was funny, Raven had been stressing about it and had been trying to get lyrics out when Dexter finally got it over with and popped the question. More like, mumbled out nervously and then quickly repeated the question, but, Raven had said yes all the same.

Through all the planning, all the pre-wedding stress or, even if the day had just been long in general, Raven would play this melody after all was said and done. Maddie had taken to calling it ‘The Wordless Tune’, it had a nice ring to it. In fact, adding some lyrics would make it ‘just right’ as Blondie Locks might quip.

Maddie sighed as she started knocking again only to hear more music. Blondie’s MirrorCast had gotten bigger as her years at Ever After High passed and she had covered quite a few celebrity weddings at this point. In fact, Blondie and her crew were outside and were determined to get the first words from Dexter and Raven after they were wed. However, it was starting to look like there would be no wedding today.

The Wordless Tune started up again, and maybe Maddie was taking the sound as a cue, but, she had to find a way to get through to Raven and muse-ic had to be it.

Please, I know you're in there
People are asking where’s the bride,
I know you’re nervous, but Dexter is too,
I'm right out here for you, just let me in
We can all find Happily Ever After,
You’ve made it this far,
What are you gonna do?
Do you wanna walk down that aisle…?”

Maddie’s voice trailed off when the door opened and there stood Raven. She was a vision in a white gown with just the right amount of purple and lavender accents. The silver tiara atop her head with a veil attached really pulled her look together.

“I do!” Raven stepped forward and hugged her friend, she then stepped back again, “Maddie, that’s it!”

“What’s it?” Maddie asked.

“The words I’ve been searching for, 'I do!’ ”

“Yay!” Maddie cheered, “Wait, don’t tell me. Get yourself down that aisle and tell Dexter!”

Raven giggled and then nodded in agreement, “We should start.”

“Right away your majesty,” Maddie giggled again as she ran to tell everyone that the ceremony was on and that the bride was ready.

I do, those had been the words Raven had been searching for all along.
Summary: Raven and Dexter are getting married, but, Raven's got cold feet. She doesn't know what to do and takes to playing a tune she wrote to cope with stress. Maddie does her best to help by adding some words. After all, muse-ic isn't complete without the right words. My first EAH fic, Raven/Dexter.

EAH belongs to Mattel


Anyway, this entire piece was inspired by 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' from Frozen and I saw someone do a thing where what if Anna was getting married an 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' would happen again and she'd come out of the room and go 'I do' which further inspired this Ever After High thingy ^^
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